Intelligence 2007


IMDB Rating : 7.8

FD Smart Rating : 7.8

Synopsis : Clashes both on the street and in the bedroom pits the female head of the Organized Crime United against the cocky leader of a pot-smuggling ring.

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Australia , Bangladesh , Canada , Gibraltar , Greece , India , Ireland , Macao , Morocco , New Zealand , Oman , Pakistan , Puerto Rico , South Africa , Sri Lanka , United Kingdom , United States


English [Original] , English




Short, Action, Comedy

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Recommended for ages 16 and up

Rami Haruvi, a daring Mossad Agent, is sent to rescue the abducted US ambassador held at the state of Sugyra. If Rami fails his mission, the annual mossad vacation at 'Olga Resort' will be canceled. Due to the importance of the mission, Hayim, the Head of the Mossad decides to assign Rami a new agent to his mission - the daughter of a mythological Mossad agent named Shuki, a ladies' man and Rami's role model. The two are getting into trouble both in their mission and relationship. Are the Americans good? Are the terrorist bad? Yet none of it compares to the real important question: will Hayim get his longed annual vacation at the Olga Resort?