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Thank Fork! The Good Place, a light-hearted comedy about a serious topic (death & the afterlife), has been renewed.


The network hit, The Good Place, stars Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, who get to know each other in the afterlife after Kristen Bell's character, Elenor Shellstrop, meets an untimely death.

The show brings light to many serious and intriguing topics in a comedic manner, where topics such as 'what is existence', 'can a person be inherently bad, or good', and ‘what consequences do our daily actions have’ are highlighted in the interactions between the stellar cast of characters.

To celebrate, we’re sharing some the top 5 quotes of the seasons to date:


‘I argue that we choose to be good because of our bonds with other people and our innate desire to treat them with dignity. Simply put, we are not in this alone.’ – Chidi Anagonye, ‘The Good Place’ 2×13


‘Lies are always more convincing when they’re closer to the truth.’ – Michael, ‘The Good Place’ 2×03


 ‘Why do bad things always happen to mediocre people who are lying about their identities?’ – Eleanor Shellstrop, ‘The Good Place’ 1×07


‘Any place or thing in the universe can be up to 104% perfect. That’s how you got Beyoncé. – Michael, ‘The Good Place’ 1×04


 ‘Now we’re going to do the most human thing of all: attempt something futile with a ton of unearned confidence and fail spectacularly!’ – Michael, ‘The Good Place’ 2×10


 Find out more about The Good Place & watch it on Netflix today!









Instantly Gain Access to ALL Christmas Movies on NETFLIX. 

By: FlixDetective Staffers 



That's right. It's now mid-November and Christmas is fast approaching, which means it is acceptable for you to get cozy and watch Love, Actually, or Home Alone for the 20th time. Fortunately for us, Netflix has amassed a great collection of Christmas movies - perfect for those already getting into the holiday spirit. If you don't already have a subscription, get one and you'll be fully stocked with enough movies to last you the entire holiday season. We hear the bells a-jinglin' already.


What Netflix hasn't done is start to showcase all the great Christmas content they've already got in the collection, which makes the movies pretty tough to find. However, the solution has been found. There's a way for you to dig up all of your Christmas favourites on Netflix and it's easy as ever. 


Netflix has tons and tons of codes which are linked to specific genres or to movies/tv shows, and what we can do as viewers, is gain access to those using these codes. All you have to do is insert the code into the following URL in the place where it says "INSERTCODE" and voila. Now this does only pertain to the internet browser version of Netflix. If you are watching from a smart TV or a decoder box of sorts, this won't work. 


And now for the Christmas genre codes (they really are pretty specific): 

  • Christmas Children & Family Films: 1474017
  • Romantic Christmas Films: 1394527
  • Family-friendly Christmas Films: 1394522
  • Christmas Children & Family Films for ages 11 to 12: 1477206
  • Feel-Good Christmas Children & Family Films: 1475066
  • Christmas Children & Family Films for ages 5 to7: 1477201 
  • Goof Christmas Children & Family Films: 1475071
  • Christmas Children & Family Films from the 90s: 1476024
  • British Christmas Children & Family Films: 1527064
  • Christmas Children & Family Films for ages 8 to 10: 1477204
  • Canadian Christmas Children & Family Films: 1721544
  • European Christmas Children & Family Films: 1527063

For those of you who aren't quite feeling so 'Christmassy' yet, here are some codes for some light-hearted fun times: 

  • Classic Movies: 31574
  • Children & Family Movies: 783
  • Classic Musicals: 32392 
  • Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: 67673
  • Feel-good British Movies: 3174
  • Slapstick Comedies: 10256

One last thing - we always suggest that you use a VPN. This allows you to remain anonymous as you browse the internet, and keeps all your information secure. Click here for our top VPN choice. 

Now go forth, and be merry! 


Did you know - Netflix has different content in different countries? Now you can watch it all. 

By: FlixDetective staffers

Every month you see that credit card statement and are reminded of the payments you're making to Netflix. More times that you can count, you look online for something new to watch and you're faced with "We're sorry! This title is unavailable in your region." Those days can be over when you install a VPN on your computer/router because you'll never be without something to watch ever again (you'll be able to see it all). The treasures of Netflix will all be yours!



What is a VPN? 

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, aka your new best friend. Once installed, it allows you to select which country you want to appear to be browsing from, it masks your IP address, and is completely safe and anonymous as most VPN providers do not keep a log of any sites browsed. None of your security information will be accessed, nor will your browsing history be logged. You are left with complete privacy and anonymity. 

How will this let me watch whatever I want?

In being able to select which country you're viewing from - you'll be able to see the Netflix content unique only to your selected region. Not all countries were created equal in Netflix's eyes, so each region will have a chosen content selection specific only to that region. With a VPN, you can watch TV shows and movies from all over the planet, and will never be faced with another "this is unavailable in your region" message again. The entire Netflix library will be at your fingertips and at your disposal - multiplying the rewards of your subscription by at least ten-fold.  

How do I install a VPN?

Getting a VPN set up isn't as complicafted as it sounds, but it does require you to follow a few steps to get set up. The complexity of set up depends what device you are using to watch. A Laptop/PC/Mobile device is very simple to set up, but if you're using a Smart TV/Set Top Box, then you need to use a VPN at router level. This can be done with sites such as Express VPN, where you will need to flash your router. Express VPN have a range of very clear, step-by-step articles to guide you through this process, which is actually a lot more simple than it sounds, and is completely finished in a very short time. Well worth the few clicks here and there. 

If that still sounds too complex, we suggest using Smart DNS Proxy. This won't encrypt your traffic (less secure), and you won't be able to choose multiple Netflix regions - just the US, but you can set it up very easily on your router, and will be able to access titles within the US Netflix server. 

Will Netflix block my account?

Netflix allows up to 5 users per account - and these users can be in any country, anywhere on the globe. So far there have been no reports of any accounts being blocked, so we think users are pretty safe. 

Ok, so...what now? 

Ready to take the plunge? You won't regret it.

Listed below are three of our preferred VPN providers (tried & tested) 

1. Express VPN (148 server locations)

The most effective and most popular of all VPN providers, ExpressVPN offers fully encrypted, no-log browsing which allows for complete access to all Netflix content world-wide. It boasts super fast speeds and the ability to allow Netflix streaming over multiple devices and multiple types of devices. Morever, there is 24/7 online live chat and users are offered a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you're not entirely sure if it's worth it, you can get a full refund - but we are pretty sure that you'll be satisfied once it's all been set up. Endless Netflix offers nothing to complain about. Click here to learn more about ExpressVPN.

2. NordVPN (62 server locations)

Also a fantastic and very secure choice, NordVPN offers a free 3 day trial, as well as a 30 day money back guarantee. The servers are speedy, secure and when switched on, will have little to no effect on download speeds. Click here to learn more about NordVPN.

3. Smart DNS Proxy (41 server locations)

Smart DNS Proxy allows for access to US Netlix, Hulu, Prime and a range of UK channels such as iPlayer and 4od. Once configured on the router, every device in the house will be able to access various region restricted content. It's pretty fast and you'll be offered a 14 day free trial. Click here to learn more about Smart DNS Proxy.

 Trust us. This will be one of the best decisions you've ever made. Happy couch potato-ing!



The Name of the Game is Netflix and Chills 

By: FlixDetective staffers 

It's mid-October. Which means Halloween is creeping around the corner..which also means that the best movies made solely to scare the crap out of you are all finally surfacing from the depths of Netflix. To save you some stressful search time, we've put together some of the best horror flicks that have already been released on Netflix; a bone-chilling mix of terror from classics like The Shining, to contemporary scares such as The ConjuringHold on to your butts!  



The top scary movie picks so far this month (in no particular order):

The Shining, 1hr 59mins, English



"HEEEEEEEERE'S JOHNNY!" Stephen King/Stanley Kubrick's horror classic takes the mainstage this month on NETFLIX.  Being one of the best horror movies of all time, The Shining switches the book's original creaky floorboards and striking premonitions for silence and a looming sense of dread. The wave of blood, those terrifying twins, the pages and pages of "ALL WORK AND NO PLAY"...with little to no explanation helps confirm to the audience just how haunted The Overlook Hotel really is. 

NETFLIX Rating : 4
IMDb Rating : 8.4
FD Smart Rating : 8.2 



The Witch, 1hr 32mins, English





Taking place in 1630s New England, this film follows an ex-Puritan family, banished from the plantation for being overly religious. Living in seclusion in the woods, peculiar occurences begin to occur. The parents fall head-first into madness in the search of their kidnapped baby all while Thomasin (Anya Taylor-Joy) tries to keep it all together. It's beatifully filmed, absolutely terrifying and builds to a fantastic operatic finale that you won't forget.

NETFLIX Rating : 2.9
IMDb Rating : 6.8
FD Smart Rating : 6.3


Oculus, 1hr 44mins, English



If you're seeking a scare with a story-line that keeps you guessing, look no further. The story focuses on a pair of adult siblings, still dealing with the murder-suicide of their parents 11 years ago. Convinced that her father was possessed, the sister seeks out a haunted mirror from their past, traveling to the site of the brutal death, and setting up shop with her brother in hopes of getting rid of the spirit for good. It's smart and rather genuinely disturbing - with solid work from the actors. 

NETFLIX Rating : 3.5
IMDB Rating : 6.5
FD Smart Rating : 6.8


The Ritual, 1hr 34mins, English




If you're looking for a movie with monsters that are legitimately terrifying, The Ritual is the choice for you. It may seem to have your typical horror movie set-up at the beginning, but soon after, the wheels start rolling and the twists and turns that await you will have you sitting at the edge of your seat. A group of former college roomies plan a getaway to honour a fallen friend. Saying any more would spoil it. 


IMDB Rating : 6.3
FD Smart Rating : 6.3


The Village, 1hr 47mins, English




One of two Shyamalan movies on this list, The Village is a historical slow-burn thriller. It centres on an isolated town in the Pennsylvania countryside whose residents follow highly strict sets of rules. One of them being that crossing the village's boundaries would leave them in the paths of the monsters beyond. It dips into issues such as communication problems, disabilities, authority and of course, the unforgiving curious nature of humans. 


NETFLIX Rating : 3.2
IMDB Rating : 6.5
FD Smart Rating : 6.5


Extraordinary Tales, 1hr 12mins, English




Extraordinary Tales features five stories with varying types of animation to bring the works of Edgar Allan Poe to life. It's the perfect dark-and-stormy-night watch.


NETFLIX Rating : 2.8
IMDB Rating : 6.5
FD Smart Rating : 6.1


The Conjuring, 1hr 47mins, English




Based on Ed and Lorraine Warren (who are real-life paranormal investigators) the couple help the traumatised Perron family whose farmhouse houses a very dark, very deadly presence. They soon discover that is no hoax but something terrifyingly sinister. This movie is a fantastic addition to the genre, and is not to be missed. 


NETFLIX Rating : 3.9
IMDB Rating : 7.5
FD Smart Rating : 7.7


1922, 1hr 42mins, English



Starring Thomas Jane, 1922 struggles a little bit with pacing - with the earlier portions whizzing by, and other portions dragging along. It could test the audience's patience a bit, but it also has the strength of a simpel story by crafting the slow burning, simmering tension of certain dread....the sinking, gut-wrenching punishment of a man who chooses his own damnation.



IMDB Rating : 6.3
FD Smart Rating : 6.3


Train to Busan, 1hr 57mins, Korean (w/ subtitles)



Featured in one of our older blog posts, Train to Busan is definitely a movie to be watching if you crave the feeling of fear and dread. It is propulsive, packed with action and surprisingly touching. The movie follows a self absorbed businessman and his neglected daughter. Bringing her home for her mother's birthday, all hell breaks loose on the train. Director Sang-ho Yeon has the audience empathizing with the cast and feeling like there is not a second to spare. This film will leave you breathless. 

NETFLIX Rating : 3.8
IMDB Rating : 7.5
FD Smart Rating : 7.6


Gerald's Game, 1hr 43mins, English



To find a movie as twisted as this one is quite rare. This is yet another fantastic Stephen King adaptation - investigating uncomfortable, hard topics via a horrifying psychological spin, without flinching or exploiting. It is a strong rejection of toxic masculinity, cycles of abuse and oppressive silence...embracing the stoicism and strength of females. It's moving and consummately thrilling. 

IMDB Rating : 6.6
FD Smart Rating : 6.6


The Sixth Sense, 1hr 47mins, English


Most probably already know the twist in The Sixth Sense, but even if you saw through Shyalaman's ploys, this film is definitely worth a repeat watch. Cole Sear (Osment) is visited by ghosts. He's frightened of seeing the spirits who appear from the shadows, seeking to reslove their earthly problems. He seeks help from child psychologist Dr. Malcome Crowe (Willis) and as the Dr. tries to find the truth about Cole's supernatural abilities, the consequences for both client and therapist become ever more evident. 


NETFLIX Rating : 4.1
IMDB Rating : 8.1
FD Smart Rating : 8.2


The Babadook, 1hr 33mins, English



This film will fry every single nerve in your body as you watch desperate mother Amelia try to simultaneously retain her sanity and fend off a malevolent spirit she released from her kid's book.....


NETFLIX Rating : 3.6
IMDB Rating : 6.8
FD Smart Rating : 7


Hellraiser, 1hr 33mins, English



Hellraiser explores the linked sensations of pain and pleasure on multiple levels. It sets up one of the most rich, yet bizarre mythologies in movie history. A cheating wife continues to be obsessed with the man she cheated on her husband with, even after his death - and feels immense joy when he is resurrected. However he needs fresh blood to stay alive and she is more than happy to oblige. If you aren't careful, this movie will tear your soul to pieces.


NETFLIX Rating : 3.3
IMDB Rating : 7
FD Smart Rating : 6.8


It Follows, 1hr 40mins, English



Director David Robert Mitchell creates a story of an unseen force that 'follows', relentlessly until it catches up with its target. Passed on only through sex, a fateful one night stand finds Jay in its path. Highly unsettling, gorgeous and striking. This movie is a damn fine piece of entertainment.

NETFLIX Rating : 3.4
IMDB Rating : 6.8
FD Smart Rating : 6.6


V/H/S/2, 1hr 35mins, English



It starts with a news crew doing a segment on an elusive Indonesian cult, and becomes an outrageously terrifying bloodbath which achieves in 30 minutes what most films can't even come close to doing in 90. 


NETFLIX Rating : 3.4
IMDB Rating : 6.1
FD Smart Rating : 6.5


Under the Shadow, 1hr 24mins, Persian (w/ subtitles)


From Tehran comes a tantalizing, politically charged tale of repressed spirits unleashed upon society. After Shideh's building is ravaged by a missile, a susperstitious neighbor suggests that it was cursed and could be harbouring malevolent spirits. Shideh becomes convinced that a force in the building is attempting to take her daughter and has no option but to take on these spirits if she is to save both her daughter as well as herself. 


NETFLIX Rating : 3.5
IMDB Rating : 6.9
FD Smart Rating : 7


The Invitation, 1hr 40mins, English


The Invitation centers around a dinner party where old friends reunite and revisit old memories. Most likely best defined as a slasher, it holds its cards until the last possible moment, anxiously teetering between horror and drama before exploding into a vivid, violent climax. Word of warning: if you're not into claustrophobic cinematography, stay clear!

NETFLIX Rating : 3.5
IMDB Rating : 6.7
FD Smart Rating : 6.9


Stephen King's Children of the Corn, 1hr 32mins, English


Yet another King film on the list, Children of the corn was first published in "Penthouse" and then was included in the "Night Shift" collection. The film is centered on an arguing couple on a road trip to California as their journey takes a rather unfortunate detour through the Nebraskan town of Gatlin where a bizzare cult of insanely devout children do NOT take kindly to strangers in particular. It's a classic!


NETFLIX Rating : 3.3
IMDB Rating : 5.6
FD Smart Rating : 6.1








Now - go forth and be terrified. 



Get your scare on this weekend! Here are our top ten Netflix horror picks.





American Horror Story, TV Series, English


The much anticipated season cross over is finally happening! Murder House & Coven are going to be joining forces for the upcoming season of American Horror Story, Apocalypse.


Get yourself ready by refreshing your memory on what the hell happened in Season 1 (Hello, Dylan McDermott!), and reminding yourself what that Supreme thing was all about again in Season 3?


NETFLIX Rating : 4.3
IMDB Rating : 8.1
FD Smart Rating : 8.3





Ghoul, TV Mini-Series, Hindi with English dubs


Ghoul is the second original Netflix show released in India, and has English dubs (originally Hindi). It’s a suspenseful few episodes as we explore the ins and outs of an Indian prison whereby the Arab folklore monster, Ghoul, starts to make an appearance. It’s definitely frightening, and an interesting glimpse into Indian television.

IMDB Rating : 7.8
FD Smart Rating : 7.8









Bates Motel, TV Series, English


Everyone knows that Psycho is one of the biggest horror films of all time, but if you haven’t already, watch Bates Motel. Bates Motel is the prequel, in tv show format, to Norman Bates final showdown in Psycho. Less of a horror than its inspirational movie, it is a psychological horror drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat through all of the seasons.


Nominated for 3 Emmy Awards and many others, you’re in for a treat if you haven’t binged this whole show already!


NETFLIX Rating : 4.2
IMDB Rating : 8.2
FD Smart Rating : 8.3




The Conjuring, Movie, 1hr 51mins, English



If you couldn’t get enough of Vera Farmiga in Bates Motel, you can get a little bit more watching the Conjuring. The Conjuring is based on the lives of a real-life couple and paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, who also inspired movies such as Amityville Horror.


The Conjuring is the first of several movies – including Conjuring 2, Annabelle, Annabelle: Creations and newly released The Nun, which is out in cinemas this weekend.

NETFLIX Rating : 3.9
IMDB Rating : 7.5
FD Smart Rating : 7.6



Dead Set, TV Mini-Series, English




Dead Set is an English comedy horror movie, set in the Big Brother house in London. A zombie attack takes over London while Big Brother contestants are still remaining in the sealed off house. Starring the actual British ex-Big Brother presenter, Davina McCall, this comedic horror is both highly terrifying and funny.


NETFLIX Rating : 3.9
IMDB Rating : 7.8
FD Smart Rating : 7.8





Train to Busan, Movie, 1hr 57mins, Korean with English subs




Train to Busan is one of the most beautiful Korean horror movies. It captures the struggle of a father, trying to save his daughter as a zombie attack rips through the country. They jump on the final train to Busan – apparently the only safe destination in Korea left, and horror ensues.


According to Empire Magazine, “One of the best horrors of the year (2016)” and according to us, a heart wrenching thought-provoking horror with believable actors, emotions and fear factor.


NETFLIX Rating : 3.8
IMDB Rating : 7.5
FD Smart Rating : 7.5


The Ritual, Movie, 1hr 34 mins, English 


After the violent death of one of their friendship group, the remaining four friends decide to do a group trip into the Swedish wilderness, doing a long hike in their late friend's honour. The further they hike into the forest, the more lost they becom - ending up having to spend the night at one of the creepiest looking wooden shaks in the middle of nowhere.

All sorts of strange things happen overnight, and without giving anything away, we can guarantee that this film is odd, definitly freaking and has a couple of frights built in.  


IMDB Rating : 6.3
FD Smart Rating : 6.3



Raw, Movie, 1hr 38mins, English 

A kind-hearted, animal-loving, vegetarian-since-birth freshman joins her 'rebel' sister at Veterinary School. The first week is a whirlwind of events for Justine, just like any freshman. But when a peculiar annual hazing routine (involving eating raw meat) triggers a rather poor bodily reaction from her, something even more peculiar happens and suddenly, all she wants to eat is meat.....and raw meat at that. 


IMDB Rating : 7
FD Smart Rating : 7




The Returned, TV series, English 

In a small town, several people who were presumed dead for years suddenly start returning to life, without any awareness of their deaths. As they slowly reunite with their very shocked families, gruesome murders start to take place to shake this small town. 


NETFLIX Rating : 4.2
IMDB Rating : 7.1
FD Smart Rating : 7.7







The Mist, TV series, English 


Frances Conroy (Ruth) from Six Feet Under stars in this mystical horror TV series based off of Stephen King's novel, Mist. 

When a heavy fog takes over a small town, terror begins to take hold as people start to disappear into the mist. Residents are stuck in malls, churches and hospitals where they are desperately trying to reconnect with their families on the outside, running around in the unknown. It's not the best adaptation of the book, but it certainly is compelling enough to binge watch over the weekend!


IMDB Rating
 : 5.4
FD Smart Rating : 5.4




Let the screaming begin.





Need ideas for a new show to obsess over? Check out our list of top most exciting bingeable series on Netflix you may not have watched yet.

The Good Wife (2009 – 2016)


 FD Smart Rating: 8.5/10  

IMDB: 8.2
Netflix: 4/5

For years I never watched the Good Wife, simply because of the title. Then one rainy day, this all changed and I had a whole seven seasons to binge on.

The Good Wife sits somewhere in between Suits, The Practice and Ally McBeal. It’s serious, but not as intense in terms of complicated storylines which are impossible to follow if you’re not a law student. It’s funny, but it’s not psychedelic funny (cue dancing baby). It’s a steady, dependable show with constantly recurring characters (think Judges, clients, opposition teams).

The first episode sets the tone for the seven seasons to come. We see a politician (Big, from Sex and the City) admit he cheated on his wife with a prostitute. His housewife of 17 years then suddenly has to decide whether to leave him, and what to do with her newfound freedom from her husband. She decides to return to law, the subject in which she studied at university. Finding herself in competition with people half her age, we follow Alica Florrick’s work career case by case.

One of the most impressive things about Good Wife was how relevant the storylines are. In 2012, they aired an episode called “Bitcoin for Dummies”. They had plot lines covering everything from police brutality to NASA and pro-life court cases. They were always on the latest news – which is also reflected by the improvement of smart phones in every season.

The Good Wife is best for: Watching alone, when you don’t want the excitement of murder mysteries and are not in the mood for a romantic comedy

Luther (2010 – present)

Luther, NetflixFD Smart Rating: 8.5/10
IMDB: 8.5/10
Netflix: 4/5

For English people, this show is legendary. However it has still yet to make its full break internationally, which makes it a prime candidate for shows you may not have watched yet.

Luther is a British crime drama, following John Luther (Idris Elba) and his nemesis Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson) through the streets of London in a fast paced, short series of the psychological thriller kind. It’s won the Critic’s Choice award, a Golden Globe and had over 11 Primetime Emmy nominations. Both Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson give outstanding performances in this show, and the acting alone makes this worth watching.

Luther is your typical TV Detective Chief Inspector. He’s troubled, occasionally violent, and very often doesn’t follow any rules set out to him, which is what makes him such an interesting character to follow. In being a typical TV detective, his decisions are often actually very atypical and unpredictable.

Luther is best for: Saturday night prime time viewing at home with your partner. Definitely not suitable for kids. 


Dark (2017 – Present)

 Dark - FlixDetective Reviews


FD Smart Rating: 8.7/10

IMDB: 8.7/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 86%

Dark takes a couple of episodes to warm up to, but the wait is very worth it if you’re into sci-fi thrillers. It is in German, so you can rely on Netflix’s subtitles, or you can also watch it dubbed in English. The dubbed version has some pretty poor voice acting, however, the storyline is strong enough to carry through this. Take your pick of the two, and thank us later.

It’s hard to tell you much about Dark without giving the plot away. It’s literally dark, full of twists and turns and quite honestly you may, like us, need a notebook to write down some things.

Dark is set in a tiny German town where kids start to disappear. The main story line follows a teenager, Jonas Kahnwald, who’s father has just killed himself and a police officer, Ulrich Nielse­n, who’s younger brother disappeared in the forest 33 years earlier.

Dark is best for: Times you’re fully awake and want to have your brain messed with. Do not watch when tired.


Utopia (2013-2014)
Utopia - FlixDetective Netflix Reviews

FD Smart Rating: 8.7
IMDB: 8.5
Netflix: 4/5 8.8/10

Another English series and another drama sci-fi series, but this is truly fascinating watching. It begins with a bunch of oddball strangers who find an odd comic book and suddenly become targeted, nay, hunted down by an even odder set of killers. They begin to realise what the book contains – and why everyone is after it.

The book contains a hidden meaning, passed down from the author to his daughter. The series focuses on a rather interesting topic – that of global overpopulation and the strains that an overpopulated planet would bring on the earth and the rest of the living populations.

Having watched this series back in 2013 when it was first released, it is one that has always been very memorable to me as a very interesting concept of dealing with what is quite frankly, a real global issue.

Utopia is best for: When you’re feeling into conspiracy theories, bloodshed and punchy plotlines.


Broadchurch (2013 – 2017)

 Broadchurch - FlixDetective, Netflix Reviews

FD Smart Rating: 8.6
IMDB: 8.4/10
Netflix: 4/5

Broadchurch is a murder mystery set in a small British coastal town in Dorset. It starts with the corpse of an 11 year old boy, found on a beach at the foot of a giant cliff. The scenic backdrops and beautiful cinematography are captivating alongside the thrilling storyline.

We see how the murder of the young boy shocks the small town community, and how a regionwide media storm sends shockwaves through people who have no idea what is coming for them.

The story follows Detective Inspector Alec Hardy (David Tennant) who’s harsh and angry character is beautifully balanced out by the more optimistic charm of Detective Sargent Ellie Miller (Olivia Coleman). The pace of the series matches the landscape it is filmed in. It is slow, yet compelling, and slowly unwinds with more and more layers of mystery.

The show is a fantastic watch, and the biggest drawback of the series is that they ended it after three seasons.

Broadchurch is best for: A Sunday afternoon on the sofa



Lost 2004 - 2010

 Lost - FlixDetective Netflix Reviews

FD Smart Rating: 8.8
IMDB: 8.4
Netflix: 4/5 

We realise it’s very unlikely no one hasn’t seen Lost yet, but if you haven’t, you absolutely must. Lost revolutionised TV. Lost created binge watching. It created social media groups, a Lost wiki in 2004, IRC channels. It had a truly international audience. It became the basis of what Netflix strives for in every TV series. True binge-ability.

Lost is punchy episodes with massive cliff hangers. A mind boggling storyline. Character insight and development like we had never seen before. OK, it got a bit crazy towards the end (and lest we forget the writer’s strike which happened mid-way through season 3, which was painful watching indeed), but power through, and you’ll be rewarded to arguably the most fascinating journey and storyline that has been. After all, there is a reason why this 2004 show still has a cult following today. The Guardian even just published another article on it , 14 years after it first aired.

If you started watching it, but gave up, we highly recommend getting back into it. There is no better time than the present to explore the relationship between a man of science and a man of faith stranded on a desert island. It’s sci-fi, it’s drama, it’s comedy, it’s romantic and it’s got oh so many layers to ponder over for years to come.

We won’t bother explaining what the show is about as it’s impossible to have lived through this era and never heard of Lost. So if you really haven’t seen it – go watch it now. If you have seen it, then you know that “We have to go back!”