The Plan 2015


IMDB Rating : 8.7

FD Smart Rating : 8.7

Synopsis : After being sent to a remote prison, three young men suffer under the watchful eye of their jailer and make a meticulous plan to escape.

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Australia , Canada , Czech Republic , Greece , Hungary , India , Israel , Lithuania , Portugal , Romania , Russia , Singapore , Slovakia , South Africa , Thailand , United Kingdom , United States , Vietnam


Keerthi , Keerthi Bl


Kannada [Original]


English , Bulgarian



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Maturity Rating:

Recommended for ages 16 and over

The Plan - youth centric, high energy, prison break, suspense thriller, social and political film treated on world cinema treatment. The film is portrayed on a canvas of a prison amidst of a dense forest. Where, in, trapped lives, battling between Rage, Fear, Revenge and deceit that finally unfolds in to a climax that reflects the ugliness of the social face today's world... It talks about the friendship of four guys, how they live life and a moment of thoughtlessness changes their lives and they find themselves in prison.. What happens next forms the crux of the story...