Sliding Doors 1998


NETFLIX Rating : 3.5

IMDB Rating : 6.8

FD Smart Rating : 6.9

Synopsis : Two different universes unfold in this fantasy about alternate realities, the reliability of subway schedules and fate's role in shaping lives.

Regions Available ( 6 ) :
Denmark , Finland , Greece , South Africa , United States , Vietnam


Peter Howitt


English , British English


Swedish , Danish , Finnish , Spanish , English


Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Release Date:


Run Time:


Maturity Rating:

language and some sexuality

In London, the public relation Helen is fired from her position in a PR company. While returning home, she does not catch the train in the subway. But in another possibility of her life, she catches the train in the subway. The story shows two parallel lives of Helen: in one life, she stays with her boyfriend Gerry, and in the other life, she finds that Gerry cheats her with Lydia and falls in love with James Hammerton.