George Harrison: Living in the Material World 2011



Martin Scorsese


English , English [Original]


Portuguese , English , Spanish , Arabic , German , Italian , Dutch , Greek , Simplified Chinese , Traditional Chinese , French , Brazilian Portuguese , Turkish , Polish , Swedish , Danish , Finnish , Romanian , Hebrew , European Spanish , Korean , Thai , Swahili


Documentary, Biography, Music

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Allowed for all ages.

George Harrison first became known to the world as 'The Quiet Beatle' of the Fab Four, but there was far more to his life than simply being a part of The Beatles. This film explores the life and career of this seminal musician, philanthropist, film producer and amateur race car driver who grew to make his own mark on the world. Through his music, archival footage and the memories of friends and family, Harrison's deep spirituality and humanity are explored in his singular life as he took on artistic challenges and important causes as only he could.