The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003


NETFLIX Rating : 3.4

IMDB Rating : 6.2

FD Smart Rating : 6.5

Synopsis : The sole survivor of a 1973 killing spree breaks her silence to tell the story of what really happened on that grisly, unforgettable day.

Regions Available ( 2 ) :
Austria , United States


English , German , English [Original]


German , English , Spanish



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Maturity Rating:

May include adult themes, adult activity, strong language, intense or persistent violence, sexually-orientated nudity, drug abuse or other elements

Driving through the backwoods of Texas, five youths pick up a traumatized hitchhiker, who shoots herself in their van. Shaken by the suicide, the group seeks help from the locals, but their situation becomes even more surreal when they knock on the door of a remote homestead. It's quickly apparent the residents are a family of inbred psychopaths, and the unlucky youths suddenly find themselves running for their lives. In hot pursuit is a disfigured, chainsaw-wielding cannibal known as Leatherface.